The Victory of BTS Butter

BTS is coming back with this summer-themed song “Butter”. ARMY has been excited since the word came out. When it actually released via a remote performance from Korea. This English version song that especially made for the English-speaking ARMY, slayed all the awards again!

Now let’s go through this smooth song great achievement⭐

  • highest premiere record on youtube
  • 10 million views in just 13 minutes
  • 100 million views in 20 hours and 55minutes
  • highest airborne streaming traffic in Spotify

Amazing, isn’t it?

Lots of people can’t help but wonder, why the BTS group is a huge success across the world? They are not just simply make their name in the United States, or Canada, western countries like Germany, France. They also gain a huge group of fans in Southeast Asia, like Philippines, Thailand, Singapore.No surprising, India is also a part of their fandom.

bts butter |

Reasons may be listed as follows:

  1. the subject of music, which mainly covers topics like bullying, elitism, and dreams. The empowering lyrics that people related.
  2. Entertaining dancing performance.
  3. Huge support of ARMY.
  4. Excellent Marketing promotion strategy.
  5. Good-looking, sexy voice, and exceptional taste in clothing.
  6. Devoted to meaningful causes.

I am sure these reasons are insufficient, so if you have more ideas, leave a comment and let us know.