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Army Bomb Ver 4 | BTS Light Stick MAP OF THE SOUL Special Edition

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Hi, ARMYs, welcome to our website. If you are a new ARMY, you might not know the first version of the army bomb actually looks like this!

Yeah, that's right, can you imagine ARMYs holding this small red bullet and dance with BTS boys, they might accidentally poke people's eyes next to them🤣😂

BTS light stick has 4 versions now, I remember every version came out, it became a hit. They all have different designs, sizes, and functions. But from this point looking back, the first version is always a classic, although it's big and the light is not so bright, but it did carry lots of memories. Version 2 was the first time Bluetooth function was built into a lightstick, it allows bighit to control the colors during a concert, which only works in Korea. Version 3's Bluetooth function works every concern in the world and any concert ARMYs attend. Version 4 is the newest version, which is called the special edition. It is really worth the title. How special are they? Our detailed pics will speak for it.

Official Package includes:  ARMY BOMB ver 4 + 7 special mini photocards + 1 BTS POUCH + 1 BTS STRAP + and of course: Instruction👈

Oh, don't go, I haven't shown it all. Here is more to share to wipe your worries about whether it is official or not🤩🤩🤪

We have noticed that lots of ARMYs are not sure about getting ver.3 or ver.4. Here is the detailed pics that might help you.

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